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Standard Features – 3000 – 6000 – 9000

Standards On All Models:

  • Fusion welded sashes and master frame with full 3¼ inch depth
  • All sash and frame members are made with low maintenance premium virgin vinyl that will not crack, chip, peel or warp (no regrind)
  • Multi-chambered frame construction to add strength and thermal efficiency
  • Clear 7/8 inch double insulated glass
  • Warm edge spacer technology
  • Extruded lift rails with no mechanical fasteners that could work loose
  • Interlocking meeting rail for a tight seal between sashes
  • Top and bottom sashes tilt in for easy cleaning
  • Sturdy cam-action locks pull sashes tightly together
  • Welded true sloped sill drains to exterior
  • Interior Balance System Covers
  • Double cam-action locks (in units over 25 inches wide)
  • Dual vent latches for more secure ventilation
  • Fin seal weather-stripping throughout
  • Custom made to fit your openings
  • Heavy duty screens with metal reinforced corners

Budget-Friendly Double-Hung Window – 3000 Series

If you’re looking for replacement windows that fit your budget, the 3000 series is the perfect place to start. You won’t have to sacrifice quality and you’ll enjoy all the benefits. Not only do the windows look great, but they’re also energy-efficient and include fusion-welded frames on all sashes and mainframe corner joints. Other windows in this price point come with fastened joints that can come loose.

3000 Series Features

  • Includes All Standard Features:
  • Double pane, single strength glass
  • 44 x 75 inch Double Hung Window has an Air Infiltration Rating of 0.13
  • Available in white & beige

The 6000 series is a great upgrade if you’re looking for the next step up in replacement window value.  The 6000 series has all of the benefits of the 3000 series plus has double-strength glass, more vinyl for stronger construction, and more options to customize your next windows.  The 6000 Series Double-Hung windows provide added benefits to make your home beautiful and comfortable.

6000 Series Features

  • Includes All Standard Features Plus:
  • Double pane, DOUBLE STRENGTH glass
  • Heavy duty contoured frame
  • Low profile top sash
  • Interior glazing strips
  • Upgraded tilt-in latches
  • Glass Breakage protection available
  • Continuous interlocking meeting rail
  • Decorative interior shadow-line
  • Upgraded limited lifetime warranty
  • 44 x 75 inch Double Hung Window has an Air Infiltration Rating of 0.10
  • Available in white, beige & nine exterior colors

Our Highest Performance 9000 Series Double-Hung Windows

You will love our top-of-the-line, 9000 series.  With an expansive list of performance and decorative options you can truly make your new windows match your needs.  Select high-performance triple glazing, opt for polyurethane insulating foam in the frame and sash, add in an aesthetically pleasing lock and tilt latch finish options to make your design your own.

The triple glass package features two coatings of high-performance Low E and two chambers of Argon gas fill. The result is a highly efficient replacement window with an incredible NFRC U-factor of .20 with Energy Miser 2 glass. You will have the most energy-efficient windows available. The 9000 series will have you prepared for rising energy prices and the double-hung windows come at a price point lower than comparable products.

9000 Series Features

  • Includes All Standard & 6000 Series Features Plus:
  • Recessed cam-action locks
  • Heavy duty foam filled frames
  • Super Spacer® warm-edge tech
  • Rounded and miter-cut interior glazing strips
  • Upgraded balance system covers
  • Decorative exterior molding
  • Low-profile top & bottom sash
  • Optional Florida approved DP-50 in some sizes with fiberglass reinforced meeting rails and foam filled sash. (see photo inset above)
  • 44 x 75 inch Double Hung Window has an Air Infiltration Rating of 0.08
  • Available in white, beige, nine exterior colors & four woodgrains.

The truth about replacement windows

There can be a lot of hype in the window industry, and that has led to some common consumer misconceptions. We want to clear some of those up for you so that you can make the most informed decision possible and get the window that’s right for you and your unique needs. If you’re not sure how to compare windows at different vendors or what’s really important in a window, check out the tips below.

1.   Pay attention to the NFRC label.

The NFRC label is one of the few things you can count on when you’re window shopping, and the most important thing you should look at if you’re comparison shopping. Major window manufacturers submit their windows to the National Fenestration Rating Council, a non-biased window rating organization that rates each window based on four factors. Those factors (U-Factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, Visible Transmittance, and Air Leakage) are printed on an NFRC label that you can use to consistently and fairly compare different windows at different vendors.

2.   Don’t confuse a more expensive window with a better window.

There are great windows out there that sell much cheaper than their competition, and they may be almost identical! Most windows are manufactured with the same materials, processes, and standards… even in the same factories! A lot of the price is determined by the seller, and a lot of sellers will try to convince you that their windows are more special or worth more when they really aren’t. We’ve seen windows at some of our competitors go for hundreds of dollars more than our windows, which were exactly the same. The difference is that we believe that if we price our windows fairly, we’ll get more customers and happier customers, which is better business for us. Click here to get a free estimate from the Window Source.

3.   Triple-pane windows are not the best fit for everyone.

It might surprise you to hear this, but “better” isn’t always better. Triple-pane windows typically have better insulation properties and sound control than double-pane windows, but they might not be the best windows for you. Why? Because you might not need that extra boost in insulation or reduction of outside noise, and the extra cost might outweigh the benefits to you. Triple-pane windows are ideal for the Northern Climate Zone depending on your budget and objectives for replacing your windows. Energy Star published a chart with the recommended U-Factors for different regions. Triple Pane windows usually have a U-Factor of .25 or lower (The lower the U-Factor the more energy efficient). Take a look at the chart to help you determine which energy saving glass option is right for you.

4.   Beware of high-pressure sales tactics.

Whether you’re buying a car or improving your home it’s important to be aware of high pressure sales tactics. These sales tactics are not quite as common as they were in the 80’s and 90’s but it’s still something you want to be on alert for. High pressure sales tactics typically involve a story explaining why they need you to sign the contract that day. For example, “We just sold a large condo association 350 windows, if I order your windows when I order these windows I can get a volume discount from the manufacturer and I can pass those savings on to you, but I’d have to know today.” There are a variety of stories or rationals but the important thing is that you purchase when you feel comfortable and confident with a company.

5.   Make sure you get a quality installation.

It might seem like picking the window is the important part and once you pick a good window with great insulation properties, you can sit back and never worry about wasted utilities again. Something many people don’t realize is that installation is just as important as the window itself. If a window isn’t properly installed and gaps aren’t sealed well, you could lose more heat and cooling than ever just around the frame. Make sure your installers are experienced and that they are using a low expansion spray foam to seal any gaps between the frame and the wall. If you think your windows might been have been poorly installed and you’re worried that you’re losing energy, our technicians can check it out for you and test it for leaks.

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